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How to Have Fun with Vacation Photography

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Traveling is always fun and for many amateur and professional photographers, it’s a great time and opportunity to take lots of cool photographs and further improve your photography skills. There are several ways that you can make the most of your photography and there are also ways you can make the most of your camera and incorporate it into your style. Many camera owners can attest to the fact that having that extra weight along with your luggage or backpack is not always fun. Well, I have some tips on not only how you can improve your vacation photography but how you can make the most of your camera when you travel and incorporate it into your style.

There are certain undeniable necessities you need when traveling with your camera:

  • Camera Bag
  • Camera Strap
  • Memory Card and Extra Battery

Camera Bag

It is very important to have a camera bag built specifically for cameras and if possible made, specifically for your camera. Camera bags have special paddings and protection layers to protect your camera from the possibility of damage and breakage. This is especially important when you’re traveling. Whether you check-in your camera or not, it’s going to be handled quite often and having a bag for it gives you some peace of mind. Some backpacks come with camera compatibility which is good for those who are traveling with other electronic items. It’s very convenient to have the backpack that has compartments for your camera, lenses, computer, tablets and other electronics you might have.

Camera Strap

A camera strap is something that’s often overlooked by amateur photographers but professional photographers and those who have been in the game long enough understand how very important this item is. After walking for hours taking great photos or hiking up a mountain to get a good view with your camera strapped across your shoulder or your neck, it begins to matter what camera strap you have. It’s important to get one with good quality and even fashionable ones. When you’re exploring a city taking photographs or being photographed with your camera strapped around your neck, it’s nice to have a beautiful and colorful camera strap instead of the boring monotone black most come in. You can find a beautiful variety of camera straps to buy from Nena & Co.

Memory Card and Extra Battery

If you are going to be traveling for more than a few days, it is wise to have at least one extra memory card, as well as a spare battery. Also, think about where and what you will be photographing.

Now moving on to the discussing the topic of taking good photographs when on vacation, below are some tips to help you perfect your vacation photography.

Take your Time

It’s common to get carried away by awe and wonder when on vacation that makes you want to immediately start taking photos. It’s wiser to take a min and plan your photograph. Take your time to first appreciate the beauty of your site or object, then find the best angle to take your photo from before your start clicking. Except for the object, you’re taking is something in motion or the sunrise or sunset, there is no need to rush.

Incorporate Your Surroundings

Instead of just focusing on the object of interest, try to also incorporate your surroundings and it’ll add character to your picture and to your photography. Incorporate other people to your frame or even take a picture of someone taking a picture and create an inception style photography. You can also frame an object in relation to another object to give it a different perspective. One way to do this is to find a frame within a frame. Holes, doorways or windows are perfect elements to use as other frames within the frame of your camera. Light shining through a window with its reflections and shadows is visually pleasant. And peeking through a window sub consciously suggests some mystery and being able to witness something from a hidden point of view that maybe wasn’t meant for our eyes to see. These tips will give your photographs more debt and increase your skill level. Keeping this in mind, do not, however, incorporate too many elements in one frame. Try to keep it simple. Focus on the images that are most important to the story you want to capture and make do with all the other elements.


Lighting, lighting, lighting. This is very important in photography and could not be stressed enough. Photography is basically creating and painting a perspective with light and so, for this reason, the quality of light when you’re taking a photograph is very important. Be aware of the different emotions that can be evoked by light and use it as a tool to create strong effects. For example, bright sunlight at noon is different from the soft tones of a sunset. Bright sunlight almost always produces harsh shadows. You can also create interesting silhouettes with proper backlighting.

Learn to Take Good Photos in the Dark

As mentioned earlier, lighting is very important and while on vacation you might not always have the best lighting or have any control over your lighting situations than you usually would at home. For this reason, you must learn to shoot in the dark and make the most of the difficult lighting because there will be plenty of photographs you don’t want to miss. For starters, familiarize yourself with long exposure shots. If you’ve got some room, pack the tripod, if not, look for a nice flat surface to set your camera down while collects light. If there is movement involved, you will need a good low light lens or something with a wide aperture range and perhaps a flash diffuser. Camera-mounted flashes tend to produce really harsh lighting that will simply ruin your photos.